Korea Affair Department

Korea affair department founded in April, 2002 with the effort of Dowway law firm in China and a famous Law firm in South Korea, is the department committing to provide legal service to the investment activities between transnational enterprises in South Korea and China.

The lawyers and counselors in Korea affair department are experienced in legal areas. Many lawyers have working experiences in the government authorities and enjoy close and regular connections with the relevant legislative bodies, governmental authorities and judicial organizations in the PRC, which enable them to keep abreast with the latest development in administrative, legislative and judicial areas. Some lawyers have studied or worked outside China, familiar with the international rules and foreign related areas. They can work in English and Korean to provide reliable and constructive advice or assistance to its clients. At the same time, the lawyers and counselors in Korea affair office have established stable and good relationship with the government authorities, many large enterprises and famous law firms in South Korea.

We believe we can provide quality and efficient legal services based on our abundant social relations, professional knowledge and our commitments.

Practice areas:
The Korea affair department provides professional legal services to Korean enterprises related to Investment in China and vise vice versa. The practice areas includes but not limited to:
* Design of corporate governance
* Negotiation and drafting of agreements for investment
* Establishment of local and foreign companies
* Registrations and filings with government authorities
* Mergers and acquisitions, reorganization, liquidation and bankruptcy
* Trade disputes
* Labor and human resources
* Ongoing legal services to clients.

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