Overview of Shanghai Office

In March, 2003, Dowway opened its branch office in Shanghai, the financial, commercial and economic center in China. Shanghai office provides comprehensive legal services, especially focuses on foreign related legal services to domestic and transnational clients. “Customers First, High Efficient and Excellent Quality Services” is also the goal of our Shanghai office, the same as that of Beijing headquarter.

All the lawyers in Dowway Shanghai Office graduated from prestigious Law Schools inside or outside of China. Many of them are fluent in both written and spoken English and Germany. They have extensive experience, knowledge and understanding of legislation and legal system of P.R.C. and are able to provide legal services such as foreign-related dispute resolution, securities, international finance, international trade, investment, commercial law, intellectual property, corporate restructuring and real property. Shanghai office has also built strong ties with a number of world-renowned firms based in EU countries and US.

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