Partner: DING Qin

LL.B., Beijing University,

Titles and Honors:
Member, China Bar Association
Member of Contract Law Committee, Beijing Bar Association

Specialized Areas:
Finance Culture, Counselor, Litigation and Arbitration.

Mr Ding has been focused in establishment and operation of companies, merger and acquisition, dissolution and liquidation, management and asset restructuring in corporate legal issues. Mr Ding has involved in cooperation negotiation project between SONY, LEGRAND and Beijing University of Post and Telecommunication; establishment of ACTIVE as a sole corporation in China and shares transfer negotiation between PHILIPS and Zhong An Group., etc.

Mr Ding has extensive experience to provide legal service for high-tech companies, in the fields of management structure planning, setup of shares' structure, high-tech company financing, software copyright protection and e-commerce.

Mr Ding has provided legal service for many real estate projects, including China Revolution Museum, China History Museum, Xing Hu Apartment, office building of Beijing University of Post and Telecommunication, etc. In the fields of establishing and planning of real estate project, establishment of real estate companies, relocation of residents and compensation, requisition of land, and property management, Mr Ding has extensive expertise and experience in providing legal service for the whole process of real estate project.

Mr Ding's long time practice also covers finance issues with emphasis in asset, debt and intermediate legal issues. He has represented successfully for Head Office of China Industry and Commerce Bank, China Ever Bright Bank, China International Trust and Investment Corporation and China Cinda. During the meantime, he also participated in litigation and arbitration activities and has been agent to diversity companies.

Working Language:
Chinese, English



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