Partner: Liu Jingxia

Ms. Liu Jingxia is the Partner and Executive Director of Beijing Canway Law Firm. Ms. Liu received the Bachelor’ Degree of Law from the Northwest University of Politics and Law and the Master’s Degree of Civil and Commercial Law from the Graduate School of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.

Ms. Liu received the lawyer’s qualification certificate in 1992 and has been admitted to practicing law since 1994. In 1999, Ms. Liu received the qualification to practice securities law. Ms. Liu also holds certificates of Senior Economist, Qualified Legal Counsel (level 2) of State Owned Enterprise, Qualified Tenderer, FIDIC - EPC/T and P&DB contract.

Ms. Liu is the member of Jiu San Society, the Democratic Party, and is now the member of Members Affairs Committee of Beijing Lawyers Association. She is in charge of reviewing practice application of trainee lawyers and lawyers from outside Beijing, and practice restoration applications by Beijing lawyers. . Previously, Ms. Liu served as the secretary general of the Professional Committee of Environmental Protection Law, and members of the Legal Council of Government Affairs and of the Committee of Securities and Futures of Beijing Lawyer Association, and the member of the Women Lawyers Committee of Beijing Lawyers. Ms. Liu was also the independent director of a listed company and members of the legal councils of state-owned enterprises and enterprises invested and managed by central state owned enterprises.

In her practice of more than 20 years, Ms. Liu is proficient in land, infrastructure, construction, public utility, investment, M&A, securities, finance, fund, company management, intellectual property right, and other legal services. Ms. Liu has high reputation among her clients for her rich and professional experiences servicing enterprises and institutions, government agencies and social groups.


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