Partner: Susan Xu

Ms. Xu is the partner of Beijing Canway Law Firm. Ms. Xu has been honored with the Bachelor and Master of Law Degree from the Peking University, and the Master of Law Degree from University of Toronto of Canada. Ms. Xu once worked in the Judicial Assistance Bureau of Ministry of Justice,an American law firm located at San Francisco. And then, Ms. Xu worked as a partner in Beijing Jingtian & Gongcheng Law Firm.

Specialized Areas:
Securities and Capital Market, Corporate business, M&A, Foreign Investment, Banking & Financing, PE/VC, International trade. Working language is Chinese and English.


As a senior partner,Ms. Xu has hosted and participated in issuance and listing of securities in the following companies: China Civil Aviation Information Network Co., Ltd. (H Share), China Telecom Corporation Limited (H share and H share additional), China Communications Services Corporation Limited (H share), China Oilfield Services Limited (A share), Long Xing Chemical Co., Ltd. (A Share), Vitop Bioenergy (China) Limited (H Share), Moiselle International Holdings Limited (H Share), Norstar Founders Group Limited (H Share), Hidili Industry International Development Limited (H Share), China Sunshine Paper Holdings Company Limited (H Share), Pou Sheng International (Holding) Co., Ltd (H Share), Chaowei Power Holdings Limited (H Share), China Power International Development Limited (Red Chip), Hidili Industry International Development Limited issued $ 400m of senior notes (listed in Singapore), Fung Choi Printing and Packaging Group Limited (listed in Singapore), China Paper Holdings Limited (listed in Singapore), STAR Pharmaceutical Limited (listed in Singapore), Ctrip International Co. Ltd. (NASDAQ listing and additional), Sino Hua-An International Berhad (listed in Malaysia), Simcere Pharmaceutical Group (listed in NYSE), the sun Energy Holdings Co., Ltd. (Depositary Receipts issued in Taiwan).

As a senior partner, Ms. Xu handled M&A in the following company: Alcatel Co., Ltd. (France)’s acquisition of part of the shares of Alcatel-Lucent Shanghai Bell Co., Ltd.; Mineral water joint venture project in Tianjin established by the Swiss Nestle company; An A share listed company took over a mobile communication company in the Kyrgyz Republic; BOE Technology Group Co., Ltd. took over the asset and business of Hyundai HYDIS as well as  part of the shares of TPV Technology Limited (Hong Kong and Singapore listed company);STIC INVESTMENTS INC’s acquisition of Triplex equity; Fiat Automobile Company and Chery Automobile Company purchased the engine project; the restructuring project of corporations of China Telecom Group in 13different provinces;

In addition, Ms. XU has been responsible for the PE project of New Summit Biopharma Medical Research Co., Ltd. as well as Liaoning Huafu Petroleum High Tech Co. Ltd.; As a legal counsel in China, Ms. Xu was engaged in consulting projects for the Asian Development Bank, submitting a report on China's capital market regulation to China Securities Regulatory Commission; As a Law Consultant of the Beijing Municipal People's Government, Ms. Xu has provided legal services regarding the bidding of 2008 Olympic venue construction, concession negotiations and project implementation.

Working Language:



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