YU Jun
YU Jun, acquired law occupation qualification certificate in 2008, and certificate of securities in 2009. He has profound law background, abundant practice experiences, and acted for up to 100 litigation cases.

Yu Jun is mainly undertaking legal practice in the areas of contract, labor, M&A and corporation. He has provided legal services for several central companies and domestic famous enterprises in the areas of share transfer, contract dispute, real estate business, labor, intellectual property and so on. Yu Jun has ever been a member of settlement team participating in enterprises compulsory liquidation practice. He focused on the linkage research among company law, bankruptcy law and labor law and interested in legal affairs in exhaust power trade.

Yu Jun is familiar with company law, labor law and related laws, regulations and government policies, and he is good at helping clients to communicate and negotiate with employees, and experienced in labor dispute settlement. Yu Jun has provided legal consultations at labor law, drafted and revised such legal documents as labor contract, employee manual, non disclosure agreement, non-compete agreement and so on.

Yu Jun is providing legal services in the area of real estate and construction, experiencing in developing, construction and dealing of real estate. Combined with changing of industry policies, he has accumulated experiences in project framework design, M&A, reconstruction and so on.



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